Friday, 10 February 2012

Stained Glass Painting Class

Traditional Stained Glass Painting
One-day taster class

In this class you will be introduced to the techniques of painting and firing images onto glass using the traditional paints and materials. You will choose an image and paint the tracing lines and introduce shading and stain to make a permanent glass painting. Originality is not required at this introductory stage; this class is an introduction to the techniques that will enable you to determine if this is a medium for you without a large expenditure of time or money.

Date: Saturday 28 April 2012, 10am to 5pm in a well equipped studio with access to materials and kilns.
Location: Studio 8, 77 Hanson St, Glasgow, G31 2HF
Cost: £100 includes all tools, materials, kiln firings, and instruction.

Tiffany Stained Glass Class

Copper Foil Technique
One-day Taster Class

Become familiar with the Tiffany (copper foil) stained glass techinque. In this one-day taster, you will create a suncatcher from a selection of cartoons. You will choose the glass, cut it, foil it and solder the panel to create a colourful addition for your windows.
Date: Saturday 26th May 2012, 10 am to 5pm in a well-equipped working studio with access to a wide variety of glass and tools.
Location:  Studio 8, 77 Hanson St, Glasgow G31 2HF
Cost: £100 including all tools, materials and instruction.

Glass Fusing Class

Glass Fusing

One-day taster class

In this one-day class you will explore the possibilities of kiln formed glass and be able to determine if this as a medium for you. You will explore the manipulation of glass through cutting, colour combinations, thickness effects, glass arrangement, and inclusions to make four tiles, one platter and one small bowl.
Date and Location: March 24th, 10am to 5pm in a working glass studio with access to a vairiety of tools and kilns.
Cost: £100, includes the use of all tools, the materials used, the kiln firings and the instruction.

Stained Glass Class

Stained Glass Taster
One-day course

In this one day course you will become familiar with the techniques of leaded glass through making a panel of about 10 pieces. You will select from a group of prepared cartoons, select and cut glass, lead the glass, solder and finish the panel with hanging loops.  This will enable you to try out the medium without a big time commitment or cost.
Course details: Saturday 25th February, 10am – 5pm
Location: Studio 8, 77 Hanson St, Glasgow G31 2HF

Course fee: £100 - covers all tools, materials, and instruction.