Friday, 24 June 2011

The Open Kiln

The Open Kiln offers you facilities to develop your interest in kiln forming beyond classes and workshops. The studio facilities are made available to you to create your work.

Four kilns are available - three electric and one gas fired kilns. The electric kilns range from 400 mm square through 500 mm square to 2200 mm by 1030 mm. The gas fired kiln which is suitable for fusing, slumping and paint firing is 400 mm by 600 mm. The costs vary according to the size of kiln and type of firing being done. The electricity or gas used is charged in addition to the kiln usage charge. information on these charges

Staff will be on hand to answer questions and give guidance with your projects and in the firing of the kiln. You can use your own glass or buy at the studio. You will need to have your own hand tools. Firing fees and mould rental charges apply. Contact Stephen to learn more about the charges.

At least one class in kiln formed glass is a prerequisite. It is expected that you will have some experience in and knowledge of kiln forming.

To enquire about an open kiln session contact Stephen Richard

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