Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Open Access Studio

Verrier provides an open access arrangement for those without space or all the required equipment to make use of the studio and its facilities. This is done at times when there are no other major works in progress.

Bench space and a variety of machines are made available to the enthusiast to enable them to pursue their interest without the necessity of having to sign up to classes or obtain expensive premises and machines. It is expected that you will have your own hand tools and minor supplies such as paper and pencils.

Staff will be on hand to assist where necessary, although it is expected that a certain level of competence has already been achieved. The studio is outfitted for a variety of techniques: copper foil, leaded glass, kiln forming, and cold working.

Supplies are available for purchase if desired, but your own materials can be used when ever you wish.
You can make use of the studio on an hourly or a daily basis exclusive of major machine use. Go here for the charges.
To arrange a session, contact Stephen Richard

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