Sunday, 20 September 2009

Corporate Events

I recently completed a corporate event for the National Bank of Australia. No, I didn't get to go to Australia to present it - NAB is the owner of the Clydesdale Bank. As a team reward and social event, the team leader decided to enquire about an activity rather than just a meal.

This allowed people to try something new and have some tangible results at the end of the event. The people arrived from work at about 6:00 and were scheduled to continue until 10:00.
This was an intensive programme, both in preparation and in presentation. Food and refreshments needed to be provided for 10 people. Materials needed to be prepared in advance, so there was little cutting required to make the pieces. Additional instructors were required to ensure everyone got enough attention.

We finally began to do some of the work at about 7:15 after eating. There was a good teacher : student ratio which enabled conversations about banking, family, music, and life. It was enjoyable for me and according to reports, enjoyable for the people attending too.

The organiser also reported to me that this was a cheaper event than taking everyone out to a meal. So the event seemed to score on the grounds of economy and novelty. Certainly, I am encouraged to try it again.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Training testimonial

I received this very pleasing response after a linked series of training sessions done in collaboration with the Argylle and Bute Business Development Programme.

“Training sessions with you were invaluable, essentially creating technical building blocks allowing me to develop my new skills. A natural progression from this would be the enormous increase in my confidence & knowing that whenever I need help or advice, I can call you & voilla!
Thank you. "

Karen Liversedge

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


“Workshops - These were well run with all materials prepared in advance and all equipment readily available.
Explanations were clear and concise. The fact that the numbers were small made for a more personal, friendly approach which I like. Any questions or problems encountered were readily answered and rectified by Steve. Techniques were taught well enabling you to practise these in future projects.

“Studio Sessions - these were well supervised with materials and equipment readily available. Steve was always there to offer support and advise where necessary, enabling you to produce the pieces of work required. Steve's expertise with the kiln ensured that the finished piece of work was successful.

“I would recommend both the workshop and studio sessions and will be attending workshops and using the studio sessions in the future. “

Elma MacIntyre