Thursday, 6 October 2011

Glass Beads

Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:00

6th to 20th  December 2011

Make your own glass beads using glass and heat 

Syllabus for the course

1st week:
Learn operation of the torch and manipulation of glass and mandrels to make basic beads. Make stringers and twisties.
2nd week:
Make round, square and other shaped beads
3rd week:
Casing, decoration and exploration of chosen elements.

Cost: £75.00 includes one-to-one instruction, all tools, torch, gases, glass

Studio 8, WASPS Studios, 77 Hanson Street, Glasgow G31 2HF
Telephone 0141 556 5700

Fused Glass Jewels

Create jewels from glass using fusing and casting methods. You will develop the essentials of cutting, firing, shaping and polishing. You will learn the main means of attaching jewellery findings to the jewels you create.
All this will be done in four easy evening sessions. The course fee includes glass, tools and firings, but not jewellery findings. There is the possibility of continuing with open studio hire to develop work.
Tuesdays, 7 -9 pm
6th to 27th March 2012

Syllabus for the course
1st week
Safety introduction
Introduction to materials – glass and accessories – rod, stringer, frit, dichoric mica, metals
Tools – hand – cutter, breakers, guides, lapping pads - and machines – grinders, flat lap, linisher, tile cutting machine
Fusing principles – heating, annealing, cooling
Firing types – slump ,tack, fire polish, full fuse, casting
Scoring and breaking glass
Fire simple pieces
2nd week
Layers & design elements
Pattern bars
Create channels for hanging
Fire layered pieces using accessories
Use vitreous paints and enamels
Make a short pattern bar
3rd week
Drilling holes
Cold working
Drill holes – dremmel, core drill
Use hand pads, grinder, flat lap, linisher, tile cutter
Cut pattern bar slices and fire
4th week
casting and moulds
making frit
filling and firing casting moulds

Cost: £100 including all glass, accessories, kiln firings, use of machines, but not the jewellery findings.

Fused Glass Evening Classes

Kiln Forming
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:00pm

10 January to 28 February 2012

Develop skills and understanding of heat effects on glass and make some beautiful objects.

The course will develop skills and knowledge about cutting glass; colour combinations; thickness effects; kiln operations and heat control; effects of glass arrangement; inclusions; results at different temperatures.

Eight sessions; £200 includes instruction and all tools, glass, materials and kiln firings. You will have a number of items to take away with you at the end of the course.

Session 1 - Cut glass to patterns using correct pressure and body control, colour combination, principles of firing schedules
Session 2 – exercises relating to effects of thickness – tiles and small squares and rectangles; initial instruction on kiln operations
Session 3 – layering glass, composition and effects of variations
Session 4 - Inclusions – metals – and accessories – frit, confetti, stringers
Session 5 - Tack fusing
Session 6 – Full/flat fusing
Session 7 – Slumping
Session 8 – Kiln carving

You can continue your experience by use of the Open Studio on Tuesdays by appointment. Use of the kilns is subject to availability.

Studio 8, WASPS Studios, 77 Hanson Street, Glasgow G31 2HF
Telephone 0141 556 5700

Leaded Glass Evening Class

Leaded Glass
Tuesdays,  7:00 – 9:00pm

27th September to 29th November 2011  and
11 April to 5 June 2012

Develop skills in lead light construction.

The course will develop skills and knowledge in glass cutting, designing cartoons, cutting from the cartoons; lead calme - its use and manipulation; soldering; cementing and finishing.

Eight sessions; £150 includes instruction, tools and materials. You will have a completed panel to take away with you.

Session 1 - cutting glass with appropriate pressure and body control, cutting to cartoon lines, cutting shapes.
Session 2 – Characteristics of glass for cutting, for combinations, cartoons – purpose and making initial ones.
Session 3 – Selection of glass, finalising and cutting from cartoon, and patterns
Session 4 - Continue cutting glass
Session 5 - Continue cutting, adjust to fit cartoon
Session 6 – Lead calme – description, cutting, fitting- butting and tucking
Session 7 – Continue assembly of panel
Session 8 – Soldering and finish techniques

You can continue your experience by use of the Open Studio at £7 per hour including the use of tools on Tuesdays.

Studio 8, WASPS Studios, 77 Hanson Street, Glasgow G31 2HF
Telephone 0141 556 5700